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Fern + Spruce


Branding and art direction for a startup company specializing in home decor for vacation rental properties. In partnership with entrepreneur Sharon Power, my team worked to build a complete brand from the name up, and position our client as an authority on rental style.


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Graphis New Talent, Integrated Brand Campaign

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The Team

Identity exploration, logo design, copy writing, packaging, audio advertising, conference leave-behind

| Callie Gabbert

Identity exploration, copywriting, social media and digital ad design, packaging conception and design

| Angela Rhys

Identity exploration, social media strategy and design, web layout

| Courtney Whitehouse

Identity exploration, email template, conference leave-behind

Randy Gaytan



Brand Story

In 2017, Sharon Power decided to leave the world of technology marketing and enter the ever-growing vacation rental industry. With her love of strategy in tow, Sharon began Fern + Spruce as an advice blog for rental owners looking to spruce up their listings in mountain, country, and ranch locations. She soon realized the retail potential and began to grow her business of selling vacation rental decor.


Mission Statement

Fern + Spruce provides modern & rustic vacation rental decor to design-conscious homeowners looking to spruce up their rentals for better reviews and more bookings. 


Naming Strategy




Brand Voice

The Fern + Spruce brand voice is familiar, warm and personable, while remaining professional, informed, and authoritative. It is feminine without being girlish. It is never condescending, pushy, or a know-it-all. All written content is conversational and represents an open exchange of ideas between Fern + Spruce and the customer. Customers aren’t here to be sold to, they’re here to be worked with.


Color + Typography




Two patterns, one evoking tree rings and the other imitating woven textiles, will visually engage the viewers sense of touch before they are able to handle the products directly. To maintain the brand's softness, textures are always applied at 50% opacity.


Photo Style

Stylistically, straight-on or symmetrical shots frame spaces that are livable, but not lived in, with personal items and live plants kept to a bare minimum or not included at all. Brand photography illuminates rustic-modern spaces with a focus on decor pieces rather than the architecture or furniture.


Social Media Strategy

The primary purpose of the brand's social strategy is to position the client as an authority on rental style. To help her engage with followers as a friend and mentor offering tips, testimonials, and style inspiration, we developed a system of daily hashtags.







Web Look + Feel

A Shopify template was chosen to accommodate the client's budget and needs as a startup company. 


Packaging Strategy

Stage One

At startup, products will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer—allowing Fern + Spruce less control over the packaging experience. For the initial phase, Fern + Spruce will send branded corner stickers and thank you cards to manufacturers in bulk. The sticker differentiates the box, and the thank-you card doubles as a handy checklist so rental owners remember to stock the essentials. This ensures that customers will still get a taste of the brand experience from order to delivery.


Stage Two

Once Fern + Spruce grows enough to gain full control over shipment, the brand can launch a fully branded packaging experience, including branded packing tape, tissue paper, and the continuation of the thank-you cards. All of these new elements will be included with a simple box in the brand’s Smoky Mountain Slate color.


Advertising Strategy

"Spruce up your space for better bookings."

With a campaign line that encourages strong brand recall, Fern + Spruce reminds customers that when they spruce up their rental spaces they book better, garner more reviews, and ultimately earn more money. Customers are targeted using SEO, social media, web & mobile ads, and thoughtful event collateral to meet them at their most convenient point of purchase.


In-feed Advertising


Email Newsletter

The bi-monthly email newsletters serve to point consumers to the blog & website, and offer coupons, sales, and shipping discounts as purchase incentives.


Podcast Ad

One goal of Fern + Spruce is to meet customers where they live. This includes advertising with podcasts such as Style Matters, The Property Management Mastermind Show, and Young House Love to reach customers with a friendly voice while they are comfortable and receptive to new information. This ad was recorded by Sherry Petersik, from the podcast Young House Love.

"You want better bookings. Your guests want an unforgettable experience. With unique, well-crafted pieces from Fern + Spruce, you can elevate your listing and create a vacation space that's stylish and comfortable. Shop a curated assembly of rustic-modern decor at fernandspruce.com. That's Fern 'and' Spruce 'dot' com."


Conference Leave-Behind

A square 3" card attached to a free USB drive makes for a conveniently carried leave-behind, containing editable, printable documents and a discount on the user's first purchase. Documents include templates for: important phone numbers, local restaurants, how-to instructions for around the house, and other important information that property managers need to make available to their guests.


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