International UFO Congress


International UFO Congress



Branding and event collateral for the world's largest UFO convention. Held annually in the Arizona dessert, this event attracts thousands from around the planet to share research, films, and firsthand experiences with the unexplained. The primary challenge of this project was subverting the assumptions of the outside observer. While the subject of this convention may stir skepticism in the uninitiated, the people who organize and attend this yearly summit are passionate about their research. The goal was to create a brand that reaffirms the passion and commitment of the organizers and attendees, and challenges skeptics to take them seriously.


Brand Voice

Branded communications from organizers of the International UFO Congress will have a tone that's serious and academic with a subtle sense of humor. The voice is playfully mysterious, but not fanatic, and always aware of potential skeptics.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the International UFO Congress is to convoke the many individuals searching for truth in the unexplained. We invite scholars and enthusiasts of all backgrounds to share their discoveries as we approach the universal question: What's out there?





The objective while designing the logo was to avoid relying heavily on obvious or cliche imagery. Instead, the human element was emphasized with the eye, because the International UFO Congress is just as much about it's terrestrial participants. The eye symbolizes our collective gaze, turned upward in wonder at the possibility that we are not alone in the cosmos. 



The brand colors recall the desert sky at dusk, and reflect the real-world setting of the convention.



Headlines set in Avenir Next Bold are a modern appreciation of the bold geometric type that was popular in the mid 20th century, when America's fascination with UFO's became widespread. Body text set in Cutive Mono is a nod to typewritten government documents of the same era. 


Illustration Style


Web Look and Feel


ID Badges

Branded ID badges for conference speakers and premium ticket holders. Speakers will be given an ID with their photo at checkout. Premium ticket holders will have a fun branded name tag to take home as a memento.


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