Branding and advertising for an Austin-based ride sharing service. When Uber and Lyft left Austin in 2016, they left behind thousands of drivers and an enduring demand for ride sharing services. Shortly after legislation passed prompting the companies to leave, RideAustin, the worlds first non-profit ride sharing service was born. Efforts to build a brand for RideAustin began when the company was still new, when the primary challenge was getting the word out. Now, Uber and Lyft have returned to the city, and the challenge has shifted to positioning RideAustin as a community-conscious alternative to the corporate giants.


Mission Statement

We didn't get into ride sharing to rake in cash. We started the world's first non-profit ride sharing service because we believe it's our duty as Austinites to give back to our weird and wonderful city. Our mission is to make sure drivers are paid fairly, and give our customers an opportunity to keep Austin caring by rounding up their fare and donating the change to a local cause they care about. 

Brand Voice

The voice of RideAustin is full of local color, but always visitor-friendly. Brand communications are people-centered, service-oriented, and very proudly Austin.





The existing RideAustin logo was clean and simple, but wasn't memorable. Keeping with the use of a wordmark in favor of a pictorial logo, custom type was implemented to give the mark character and differentiate RideAustin from it's corporate competitors. 



App Icon





RideAustin utilizes Oswald for headlines, set in all capitals, along with Oswald light for body text, set in sentence case.


App Interface

The app interface was redesigned as an extension of the updated brand, while still retaining the familiar usability and function of the existing app. 



Twitter serves as a place where RideAustin can promote downloads as well as change. The timeline is interspersed with tweets about the benefits of RideAustin, along with retweets and shoutouts to partnered charities. 


Discount Card

A promotional card the size of a credit card with a QR code that allows the user to scan for a discount, and share the savings with a friend via text message.




A series of four posters complete the slogan "Ride On!" Each poster contains the logo in the form of a sticker applied to the brick wall, and a central poster includes a QR code that links to the app store. Lining the bottom of each poster is the tag line "Austin, TX. The Birthplace of non-profit ridesharing."



This printed vinyl sticker can be applied to laptops, bumpers, and more. Drivers and loyal RideAustin passengers can show support for the local non-profit with a fun promotional take-away.


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